Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any way. That’s why these seeds could be both female and male seeds. They are not feminized and therefore there is a 50/50 percent chance these seeds grow into male or female cannabis plants.

Benefits of regular weed seeds

Were feminized seeds are only used to grow buds for you to smoke, regular seeds are mainly used to grow your own seeds and create your desired properties. You can also use them to create a stronger female plant. By growing these regular seeds they produce both female and male plants. By removing the male plants early on in the growing process, the female plant becomes stronger and less effective for stress. Also the chance of hermaphrodites is very small with these plants. Therefore these seeds are very popular amongst many breeders.

    • Cheaper to create your own weed
    • Plants are stress free
    • Chance of hermaphrodites is small
    • Grow your own plants and seeds

Looking to buy regular cannabis seeds?

Do you want to grow your own weed plants with regular seeds and create your own supply? Ceres Seeds has a wide product range of different seeds such as Lemonesia, Ceres Kush and White Panther. Check our whole product range and order online, we sell up to thirteen different kinds of regular cannabis seeds.