Order cannabis seeds online

Are you looking to order cannabis seeds online? Here you can! Ceres Seeds has a wide range of different cannabis seeds for you to choose from.

Kinds of cannabis seeds

If you want to buy cannabis seeds you first need to know which kind of seeds you want to grow. There are different types of cannabis seeds for different types of weed farmers. You can choose between regular seeds, feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds.

Regular seeds

If you like to experiment and create your own breeds you can try to grow you own plants with regular seeds. These seeds have a 50% chance to become either male or female plants. Growing regular seeds has different kinds of benefits. For example, these plants are more stress free and the chance of hermaphrodites is small.

Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are perfect for people who want to grow their own plants that only produce cannabis buds. These feminized seeds are genetically modified weed seeds that will only produce female plants. Female plants are the ones that will grow buds for you to smoke. Male plants do not produce those buds unfortunately.

Auto-flowering seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are the easiest seeds to grow. These seeds can grow all year long and do not need too much care. Also, these auto-flowers will be fully grown just 7-12 weeks. So you do not need to wait too long to harvest your cannabis buds.

Ceres Seeds Amsterdam

Can I buy weed seeds online?

If you wonder if ordering cannabis seeds is illegal, it’s not. In the Netherlands you can buy cannabis seeds online. This is completely legal and can be send to your home address without a problem. If you order at Ceres Seeds your cannabis seeds will be delivered to your home within a few days.

How many plants can I have?

If you order your seeds, please keep in mind that you can’t grow too much plants at the same time. In the Netherlands you are allowed to grow up to five plants at the same time. Of you grow more plants you can get a big fine or even go to prison. But as long as you keep it at five plants max and only grow them for your own consumption you won’t get any problems.

Online seed bank

Here at the online seed bank of Ceres Seeds we sell 37 different kinds of cannabis seeds. We sell coffeeshop classics such as White Widow, Super Automatic Kush and Super Automatic Skunk. We also sell our own breeds like White Panther, Ceres Seeds Lemonesia, White Indica and Northern Lights x Skunk. Our partnership with John Sinclair Seeds enables us to also sell their cannabis seeds. Amsterdam, Trans Love Energies MCM and Zenta are some examples of the high quality seeds from John Sinclair Seeds. All in all, a lot of choice at Ceres Seeds.

Order now!

Are you looking to order cannabis seeds online? Ceres Seeds has a wide range over 35 different kinds of seeds for you to choose from. If you order online your orders will be processed and sent within 24 hours after receiving payment.