Feminized cannabis seeds

Do you want to grow your own cannabis plants just to create your own supply of weed? Then you should buy feminized cannabis seeds. With these kinds of seeds you are sure to get female only weed plants that produce the buds you need.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that have been genetically modified in order to produce female plants only. This is very convenient if you only want to benefit from the buds only female plants produce.

Benefits of feminized cannabis seeds

Before the creation of feminized seeds people were growing cannabis plants from regular weeds seeds. These regular seeds had a 50% chance to grow into both a female or male cannabis plant. The male version of the plant only grows pollen and the female plant grows the buds with a high THC concentration. Of course the female plants were a lot more popular because of their high THC concentration. In the 90´s people started to breed genetically modified cannabis seeds that could only produce female plants. With these feminized cannabis seeds you are able to grow female only plants. For home farmers this is the perfect way to grow cannabis for their own supply without having to throw away the male plants. Also, the government in The Netherlands will only allow you to grow five plants max, why waste this on growing male plants?

    • No male plants
    • Creating smokable fruits only
    • Less time consuming
    • Get the most out of your plants

Looking to buy feminized cannabis seeds?

Do you want to grow your own plants and only benefit from the buds a weed plant produces? Than you should buy feminized seeds. Ceres Seeds offers a wide range of feminized seeds such as White Widow, Viper and Fruity Thai. Check our whole product range and order online, we sell up to 25 different kinds of feminized cannabis seeds!