Buy cannabis seeds in the Netherlands

Are you living in the Netherlands and do you want to grow your own cannabis plants here? You can! On this page you can find all information about buying cannabis seeds in the Netherlands.

Is buying cannabis seeds in the Netherland illegal?

First, let us tell us tell you that buying cannabis seeds in the Netherlands is not illegal. Buying fully grown weed plants is illegal, but buying only the seeds to grow the plants yourself is not. You can buy all different kinds of cannabis seeds at your local coffeeshop or online. Please do remember that you can only grow up to five plants. Growing more than five cannabis plants in your house is illegal in Netherlands.

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Types of cannabis seeds

There are different types of cannabis seeds for you to grow. Depending on the weed you want to grow or the way you want to grow your plants you can choose between three types of seeds: regular seeds, feminized seeds or auto-flowering seeds.

Regular seeds

If you like to experiment and create your own breeds you can try to grow you own plants with regular seeds. These seeds have a 50% chance to become either male or female plants.

Feminized seeds

If you want to grow plants for the buds only, than you should be buying feminized cannabis seeds. This are genetically modified weed seeds that will only produce female plants. Female plants are the ones that will grow buds for you to smoke. Male plants do not produce those buds.

Auto-flowering seeds

Do you want put in less time and effort into growing your own plants. Than you should buy auto-flower cannabis seeds. These seeds can grow all year long and do not need too much care. Also, these auto-flowers will be fully grown just 7-12 weeks. So you do not need to wait too long to harvest your sweet buds.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in the Netherlands

Cannabis seeds can be bought at your local coffeeshop. But if you don’t live near a coffeeshop or if you don’t want to go to the coffeeshop you can also buy cannabis seeds online. Within a few days you can receive your cannabis seeds on your doormat. Ceres Seeds is one of those websites were you can order cannabis seeds online. We have a wide range of different seeds like the classics White Widow and Skunk Haze. We also deliver our own breed of seeds such as Ceres Kush and Fruity Thai.

Buy your cannabis seeds at Ceres Seeds

Are you looking to order cannabis seeds online? Ceres Seeds has a wide range of 37 different kinds of seeds for you to choose. If you order online your orders will be processed and sent within 24 hours after receiving payment.