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Skunk Haze - Feminized Coffeeshop Classics

Skunk Haze - Feminized Coffeeshop Classic

- Feminized seeds
- Available in 5 and 10 packs

- Mostly Sativa
- Indoor flowering time: 65 - 75 days
- Indoor yield: 0.90 - 1.2 gram per watt of light
- Outdoor harvesting: End of October
- Outdoor yield: Depending on climate

For a lot of people Haze is the ultimate smoke. It has a unique sweet flavor and a very uplifting effect. It's the stuff dreams are made of! By crossing a carefully selected Haze with a short but very potent Skunk, Ceres Seeds has developed a variety which produces a heavier-than-average crop and a smooth, spicy scent and flavor.

Skunk Haze is not the easiest plant to grow, because of its longer flowering time and tendency to stretch a bit, but Skunk Haze is a cannabis connoisseur's choice with a bounty well worth it!

When you harvest Skunk Haze, it gives off that delicious smell of fruity haze with an undertone of the Skunk's earthy musk. The Skunk genetics are noticeably there, with lots of resin and large yields, but the Sativa traits of the haze are dominant, you will notice this by its lanky figure and unmistakable sweet scent. Smoking the Skunk Haze will make all sativa lover very happy, with a buzz that only Haze can give.

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