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John Sinclair Seeds
John Sinclair Seeds

John Sinclair Indica x SativaJohn Sicnlair IndicaJohn Sinclair SativaJohn Sinclair Skunk
John Sinclair at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

John Sinclair Indica

John Sinclair IndicaJohn Sinclair Indica ’Viper’

- Regular seeds (Also available Feminized)
- Available in packs of 10

- Breed: (Indica x Skunk) x Indica
- Flowering: 55-60 days
- Yield: 0.9-1.1 per Watt of light

As a medical cannabis patient John Sinclair has always appreciated potent marijuana.
The powerful Viper has an intense physical effect that relaxes you without the ‘knock-out effect’ that for instance a Skunk provides. It gives the sensation of walking through the surf or on the moon while still allowing you to get on with your day in a normal fashion.

Indica strains are the crop of choice in most areas around the world where hashish is produced. It is therefore no coincidence when the taste of John Sinclair Indica takes you back, in spirit, to the mountains where this variety originated.

John Sinclair Indica is a short, compact and fast flowering plant that abundantly produces tightly clustered, resin-covered buds that have a light but distinct herbal, almost musky scent . John Sinclair Indica has few leaves and those leaves are relatively big which makes for quick and easy cutting & curing.

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John Sinclair Sativa

John Sinclair Sativa John Sinclair Sativa ‘Trans-Love’

- Regular seeds (Also available Feminized)
- Available in packs of 10

- Breed: (Sativa x Indica) x Sativa
- Flowering: 70-75 days
- Yield: 0.9-1.1 gram per Watt of light

John Sinclair Sativa, known as ‘Trans-Love’ is a prime specimen of the celebrated  tropical Cannabis Sativa, which allures connoisseurs worldwide with its lucid, cerebral effect and boost of energy. There is no better fuel for a creative mind than a garden of top quality John Sinclair Sativa plants!

Having spent several decades writing poetry and prose, John Sinclair has developed an expertise in recognizing creativity enhancing cannabis varieties, and John Sinclair Sativa is his tribute to smokers who appreciate the uplifting and energetic effect of the wonderful Sativa plant.

As any good Sativa dominant variety, ‘Trans-Love’ has a pungent smell with a spicy, fruity scent. Secondly, this variety is highly potent and with a distinct Sativa high: uplifting, sharp, focused and productive. It is also quite visual. There is no couch lock effect with this variety. Instead of being a couch potato, you’ll find yourself inspired and motivated. So get ready to be creative!

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Buy Sativa 'Trans Love' seeds online >>

John Sinclair Skunk

John Sinclair Skunk John Sinclair Skunk 'Amsterdam'

- Regular seeds (Also available Feminized)
- Available in packs of 10

- Breed: (Indica x Sativa) x Indica
- Flowering: 60 days
- Yield: 1.0-1.2 per Watt of light

Skunk is the original hybrid – the first ever stable crossing of an Indica and a Sativa. Today skunk is often used to refer to any powerful marijuana, but only the original skunk can live up to its reputation: very smelly, and very, very strong. John Sinclair has been a long lover of potent ganja, and this is his own tribute to the widely loved Skunk: a fast growing, high yielding plant with exceptionally strong effects.

Named after the smelliest inhabitant of the animal kingdom, the naming of this plant is not coincidental. You will recognize a skunk first and foremost by the pungent odour kicking your nostrils with solid force. When up in smoke, the skunk hits fast and heavy – this is a smoke for those who can take a punch!  With both Sativa and Indica in her genes, the skunk gives a gorgeous combination of high and stone, one of the most sought-after effects in the entire world of cannabis!

The Skunk is probably one of the most satisfying plants to grow. As the Skunk has been around for decades, its genetics have had time to stabilize properly, which gives John Sinclair Skunk a consistent structure and steady bud formation, and she delivers every single time. The growth and flowering is dominated by the Indica genes, although the John Sinclair Skunk will grow somewhat taller than pure Indica strains. She only takes 8-9 weeks to mature, is easy to maintain and will yield abundantly. John Sinclair Skunk is the best choice for a beginner because of its rock solid genetics, stable and reliable performance, quick flowering time and general low maintenance. The Sativa genes manifest when the delightful buds are harvested and smoked – the Skunk effect is legendary – the ultimate combination of high and stoned!

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Buy Skunk 'Amsterdam' seeds online >>

John Sinclair Indica x Sativa

John Sinclair Indica x Sativa John Sinclair Indica x Sativa ’White Panther’

- Regular seeds (Also available Feminized)
- Available in packs of 10

- Breed: Indica x Sativa
- Flowering: 50-60 days
- Yield: 0.9-1.2 per Watt of light

Ceres Seeds’ original Cannabis Cup winner White Smurf has been renamed White Panther to honor poet, radio maker and cannabis hero John Sinclair who co-founded the legendary White Panther party in 1968.

"White Smurf dank buds have loads of crystals with a mind-blowing, pleasant, dreamy, sensual buzz that's perfect for relaxing outdoors in the sun or snuggling up next to the fire. This gorgeous girl is ultra resinous with a very light and sweet taste." - Skunk Magazine

Twice favourite with the connoisseurs at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000!

The multiple award winning White Panther, f.k.a. White Smurf, is the original white dwarf. It is an excellent strain, the connoisseur's favorite, and a multiple winner at the Cannabis Cup. It is a compact, white plant, with a dense cover of sparkling crystals. It is suitable for the 'sea-of-green' method, and will give a high yield in good conditions. White Panther buds are sticky and delicious, and gives an extraordinary effect. Fans of the White Panther highlight its smooth taste, pleasant daze and dreamy, sensual buzz. This is the perfect choice for anyone with a taste for excellence.

The White Panthers were a American political collective founded in 1968 by Lawrence (Pun) Plamondon and Leni & John Sinclair. It was started in response to an interview where Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, was asked what white people could do to support the Black Panthers. Newton replied that they could form a White Panther Party. Thus, the group took its name in emulation of the Black Panthers, and dedicated its energies to "cultural revolution."

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Buy Indica x Sativa 'White Panther' seeds online >>


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